DM-50 Gummy Depositing Machine


SaintyCo DM-50 Gummy Depositing Machine

The DM-50X -- your ultimate confectionery toolkit for a successful manual production line. An impressive output of 18,000 gummies per hour. Offering piece weights ranging from 2g to 16g, it caters to a wide range of delectable treats. Built with a hygienic design, the DM-50X meets the highest standards for healthcare product production and validation.

Key Features

  • Production rate: 16,000-18,000 gummies/hr
  • Operational ease with 2 Operators
  • Advanced PLC control system
  • User-friendly LED touch panel


  • Electric Power Requirement: 220V 60HZ 3pH 5KW
  • Hopper Size: 30L
  • Dimensions: 1180 x 786 x 2019 mm
  • Weight: 300kg

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