Yellow Candy

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There are any number of reasons why you might need a yellow-themed candy buffet or candy bag. You could be hosting a party: a movie party, with popcorn-colored candy to help set the tone; a minion party modeled after the characters in Despicable Me; even a Sesame Street party for a little one whose favorite character is Big Bird. You might be designing a candy table for a baby shower, especially if the gender of the baby isn't known. Even a wedding or other event can use a gorgeous pop of yellow to brighten up the table and make everyone feel more excited about the event.

As you're designing your candy buffet, start with the bags. You want your guests to be able to fill their bags and munch at their leisure, and you definitely want them to take leftovers home. Then, bring on the candy! Banana heads are a resounding hit in many crowds, but you don't have to stop there! Yellow favorites include lemon drops, mango gummy bears, and Lemonheads. You can choose from Jelly Bellies in a variety of flavors: buttered popcorn, top banana, lemon drop, and pina colada are all bright shades of yellow. Gumballs and yellow M&Ms, of course, are perfect for any candy table. When you include these favorite treats, your yellow candy buffet table will be the hit of the party.