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Chew it, stretch it, or mix it. No matter what it is you enjoy doing with sweet pieces of taffy, it is the candy that so many love to have in their homes and share with loved ones. Dozens of different colored taffies and different flavored tangy taffies fill our store to offer you a wide assortment of options. Taffy is an original delectable treat our customers have been indulging in for many years which is why we carry so many different types of taffy.

 Wow your guests with a wide variety of Salt Water Taffy drizzled around your candy buffet. Find the collection of taffy colors and tangy taffy flavors that will best complement your special event whether it is spotted, striped, solid, or a combination of colors. Strawberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla taffy pieces are great for weddings and bridal showers. Add a fun twist to your next birthday celebration with the colorful Neopolitan, Watermelon, and Banana Split taffy pieces. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Salt Water Taffy or any type of taffy really!

 Adorn party favors with Laffy Taffy children and adults will both enjoy no matter what flavor they receive. Tangy Taffy as a gift at a birthday party or any other special occasion will surely leave your guests smiling. Sweeten up the office by sharing an assortment of salt water taffy to share with your coworkers. Lure in customers at a trade show booth with the bright colors of taffy representing the sponsoring company. With our wide collection of tangy, salt water taffy, or other taffy options, we hope you will “stick around” and find exactly what is you are looking for to add to your upcoming occasion.

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