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What type of garden do you go to when you want lip-puckering candy? The Sour Patch, of course! We have Sour Patch candy to satisfy your every craving for this popular brand. You can buy watermelon, cherry, apple and peach in bulk if you can't get enough of a particular flavor. If you crave a mixture, we have you covered there too. Naturally, we also carry Sour Patch Kids. You can purchase a five pound assortment if you're looking to buy Sour Patch Kids in bulk.

We have other types of sour candy if you want to expand your stock beyond Sour Patch. Browse our wide assortment of Airhead Xtremes, Fruit Sours, Lemonheads and other brands. They'll taste great with your Sour Patch Kids.

When you're stocking up on Sour Patch candy, check out all of our varieties of jelly candy. Try Jelly Belly, Spice Drops, Sweet's Stars or Mike & Ike along with Sour Patch Kids in bulk.