Red Candy

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Red candy often makes us think of hot cinnamon flavors, but there are other meanings for such bright and striking candies. Red is also the color of delicious, cool fruits like strawberries, cherries, and raspberries. You can find red candies in all of these flavors with favorite brands like Jelly Belly, Airheads, Laffy Taffy and Cherryhead. Our red candy buffet bundle will bring many types of edible red brilliance to your next party.

If you're after something hot and happening, we have plenty of cinnamon-flavored candies to give your mouth something to think about! In addition to fiercely bursting red candies like cinnamon Gummy Bears and Hot Tamales, we have Fireball Candy for the very brave and daring. Check out our 3 pound bags of Atomic Fireballs. This fireball candy is sure to please anyone looking for a strong taste that doesn't take itself lightly.

Maybe you prefer a more mild flavor. Try our beautiful red gumballs for a satisfying chew wrapped in a bright and brilliant hue. These red candies may even have other unique uses besides being food.