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Out of all the unique types of candy, few have the notoriety of Pop Rocks. Created as a carbonated candy that actually fizzles and tingles in your mouth as it dissolves, it became saddled with bizarre and untrue rumors that it causes your stomach to explode. Thankfully, you can eat these tasty Pop Rocks candies without fear of spontaneous combustion. We have Pop Rocks candy in many assorted flavors, including Blue Razz, Bubble Gum, Grape, Sour Apple and more. As well as Pop Rocks Dips, for an awesome lollipop experience.

If Pop Rock candies still haven't fully satisfied your craving for unusual candy, we also have a full line of Rock Candy for your crunching pleasure. These crystallized treats are presented on sticks, in a rainbow of colors that are sure to please at any gathering. 

When you're after sour candy, nothing else quite hits the spot. Check out our Airhead Xtremes, Fruit Sours, Sour Patch and many other adventurous, lip-puckering candy in addition to Pop Rocks candy.

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