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Find a wide selection of attractive and brightly colored striped paper straws at Candy Pros. If you need to buy bulk paper straws, we accommodate all orders.

Straws aren't the only types of products available at Candy Pros. The store also has plastic candy jars available for sale. Options in these include cylinder and flared plastic containers, round and short pedestal plastic jars and plastic containers that include lids. 

Candy buffet products are yet another option for Candy Pro customers. These cute and colorful buffet bundles appear in a wide range of colors and are ideal for any occasion.

Customers adore Candy Pro for its rapid shipping, extremely affordable prices and sturdy product offerings. If you're looking to purchase bulk paper straws, striped paper straws, paper straws in general or any other kinds of useful supplies and party favors for any future events you're planning, Candy Pros should be your online store of voice. Shop our products below to check out our lovely selection of paper straws. When it comes to party favors, Candy Pros is the place.

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