Orange Candy

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Orange candy is bright, cheerful and puts us in mind of harvest and Halloween. Whether you're having an autumn-themed party or you want to snack on the orange goodness year-round, we've got you covered with plenty of fun, tasty treats. From orange gumballs to orange Gummy Bears, there's something for every occasion. Even Disney fans can find a treat with Jelly Belly's Goofy Mix. For large-scale parties, we have an orange candy buffet bundle that will wow your guests. Fruit-flavored orange candies aren't just orange-flavored anymore. Now there are also peach gummy rings and Haribo peaches candy.

Chocolate also plays a part in our orange candy collection. Orange M&M's are a staple of many multi-color M&M packages and our orange-coated Sixlets are not to be missed. Don't forget about the orange candies in Reese's Pieces. Speaking of Reese's, their orange wrappers stand out on every candy aisle.

If you're looking for Halloween candy and treats, several companies put out exclusives just for the holiday. Both Reese's and York offer pumpkin-shaped candies. Of course, the quintessential orange candies are candy corn.

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