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Stop looking for that one missing element because lollipops are exactly what you are “licking” for to add to your upcoming event. With the extensive assortment of Lollipops and Suckers Candy we have to offer you would surely think you were at a Carnival or Theme Park. Individually wrapped and ready for consumption, any type of lollipop can bring a smile to one’s face. From bulk lollipop options like Tootsie Roll Pops or caramel apple pops to Individually Wrapped delights such as Unicorn Lollipops, carnival pops, Swirl Lollipops or single colored whirly pops any of these suckers candy will prove just how hard it is to frown with one in your mouth.

Finish off your sweet candy buffet with any one of our Swirl Lollipop options for children’s birthday parties and baby showers. Find the right color scheme from our wide variety of suckers candy and match accordingly to the holiday celebration like Christmas Red & Green or Valentines Day Pink & White. Small enough for party favors are Dum Dum Suckers Candy any adult or child would appreciate. The great range of flavors of Dum Dum Suckers is a great example of the wide rainbow of flavors and different lollipops we carry.

Give the gift of sweet treats topped off with a lollipop from our vast collection of Suckers Candy for parties, events, and any other special occasion. Leave your guests gladly wondering how many licks it takes to get to the center of Chocolate Lollipops. Share laughs as the color of you and your friends’ tongues change with delicious Carmel Apple Pops. Lollipops and laughter go hand in hand and adding them to your next special event will definitely make everything sweeter

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