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Who has never heard of Jelly Belly's jelly beans? They are one of the most loved candies ever created. The variety of flavors are what makes jelly beans people's all-time favorite. Though jelly beans are a fan favorite there is a vast array of jelly candies people cannot live without.

Dots, fruit sours, gum drops, and fruit slices are chewy candy goodness. Jelly candies are unique in their own right. Jelly slices are a jelly candy dipped in sugar for a fruity sugary treat. They come in cherry and orange. Gum Drops are a jelly candy with assorted flavors and colors dipped in sugar. Dots are a jelly candy that have been around since 1945. It is in the shape of a gum drop without the sugar coating. A candy like this takes you back to your childhood within the first taste. Fruit Sours are sour jelly candies with shine. They are like eating sour jelly beans.

Candy bars are popular today at parties, weddings, business events, and baby showers. Imagine a table filled with glass jars full of multi-color or color-coordinated candies. Jelly candy comes in so many flavors and colors at Candy Pros, it is very easy to make an eye-catching candy bar to highlight any special event.

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