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Jawbreakers are the favorite candy choice of many kids. From giant jawbreakers that have to be consumed one lick at a time, to mini jawbreakers in an array of colors and flavors. Jawbreakers are a perfect sweet treat for anyone, child or adult, who doesn't want to have to keep reaching into the candy bag over and over again. Giant jawbreakers on your candy buffet table will leave the kids staring in awe, while mini ones will have them jumping up and down in excitement as they reach for the table. What more could you ask for?

As anyone who has ever put together a candy buffet knows, jawbreakers are the perfect addition. Mini jawbreakers come in a variety of colors, from pale pink or lavender for a baby shower or a princess party to a pale blue that will appeal to all the little boys on your list. Adding these jawbreakers to the table adds a gorgeous shimmer, a pop of color, and a sweet taste that can't be beat. Jawbreakers are a universal favorite.

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