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Decadence: Rich, luscious, mouthwatering chocolate, originating from the Theobroma cacao tree - meaning "food of the gods." Satisfy your chocolate cravings by buying Hershey chocolate candy at Candy Pros. Hershey originated in Pennsylvania in the early 1900s - where its founder, Milton Hershey, reportedly said, "Caramels are a fad, but chocolate is a permanent thing" - and more than a century later, Hershey chocolate is still famous worldwide. Hershey introduced the Hershey kiss in 1907; the paper ribbon assured buyers it was an authentic Hershey product. The company now produces 80 million kisses every day.

That iconic Hershey kiss, once only made in milk chocolate, now comes in a range of flavors, from dark chocolate to cookies and cream, and kisses work perfectly in fruit or other goodie baskets, as party or shower favors, gifts from parents of newborns, or just piled invitingly in a bowl for visitors. You can also dive into your favorite chocolate as often as you like at reasonable prices. From the satisfying crunch of a Heath Bar, the gooey caramel goodness of Milk Duds, and the snap of a Kit-Kat to coconut flavored Almond Joy and Mounds bars to a dainty Hershey kiss, Hershey chocolate makes the candy you grew up with and still love.

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