Naked Gold Sugar Free Hard Candy Mix

$ 79.88

Our Naked Gold Sugar Free Hard Candy Mix is incredibly easy to prepare - simply mix in your choice of flavoring, coloring, additives, and water to create a one-of-a-kind product.

Batch-to-Batch Consistency: Say goodbye to the variability and user error commonly found in handmade nutraceuticals. Our mix ensures that every batch you produce maintains uniform quality.

Better-For-You: Cater to health-conscious consumers with our completely sugar-free formula.

Enhanced Stability: Hard candy provides enhanced shelf and heat stability, ensuring product integrity over time.

INFUSION TIPS: The type of infusion you are working with will impact the amount that can be added without compromising the integrity of the finished product. In hard candy making, the water is cooked out, allowing the matrix to set up in the smooth, glassy, easy to demold form that is desired. Adding additional liquids, including flavors, colors, and infusions will change the composition, and can result in shorter shelf-life if the threshold is surpassed. To ensure your product meets shelf-life goals, it is highly recommended to use Candy Pros Concentrated Flavors and colors. Use smaller batches to test your infusions to make sure you are staying in a safe range for a long shelf-life, no matter what type of infusion you prefer to work with.

For a more mouthwatering flavor experience (best paired with fruity flavors), consider folding in anhydrous citric acid, malic acid, or tartaric acid during the hard crack stage.

MOLDS: For hard candy making, silicone molds are an option but can create bubbles on the surface of the candy. Using hard plastic molds made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polycarbonate is an excellent alternative to create a more glassy effect, but both are suitable. 

Test with a small batch if it is your first time, and be sure to lightly oil your molds and depositing equipment with an anti-stick agent prior to cooking. 

INGREDIENTS: Isomalt, sucralose

NET WEIGHT: Packed in 10 lb cases (4,535 g) - Mix yields approximately 4330 grams of finished candy 


SHELF LIFE: 2 years

*Flavoring and coloring sold separately click here to purchase

The F.D.A. regulations are directed toward the nutritional value of the food consumed. Your processing and the customer preparation of the final product may alter the nutritional value of our product in your customers’ food product. 

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