Green Candy

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Green candy often puts us in mind of fruit. This is understandable since many green candies are flavored like apples, watermelons, or limes. So many delightful choices! Look for fun, chewy candies such as tubs of Laffy Taffy, Frooties, and Jelly Belly. There are even pear flavors! If you're after something very unique, perhaps our frog-shaped candies or our exclusive Gummy Crocodiles will fit the bill. You can also purchase green and white bags or boxes for your guests to fill with matching candy.

We have green candies that are filled with chocolate. Our green M&M's are always a party favorite. Green Sixlets come in hues of lime, shimmer lime, and turquoise for an array of stand-out colors.

If you're hosting a party, candy buffet bundles are a great way to please the crowd. When green is the theme, you can go for our exclusive green candy buffet bundle, filled with nine different types of green candies. Another popular treat is our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle buffet bundle, with candies chosen to put people in mind of these classic crime-fighters.