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Gummy candy has been a favorite ever since its introduction into the candy world. If you're looking for fun, unique and slightly mischievous treats, e.Frutti Gummi Candy may be just up your alley. With this cheerful little brand, you can eat such delicacies as Gummi Pizza, Gummi Hot Dogs and Gummi Sour Mini Burgers. e.Frutti Candy also offers peach penguins and sour Cola bottles in addition to items you might want to add to your Mini Burgers: Jalapenos and Mini Fried Eggs.

e.Frutti Candy is only one of several brands of gummy candy you can find here at Candy Pros. Browse our giant selection of wiggly, squishy candies to find just the right flavor and shape to suit your interests. Giant rattlesnakes and sugared frogs roam the gardens of awesome blossoms and gummi butterflies, while gummi fish and crocodiles swim in the pond. Of course, the bears are everywhere.

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