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If you're looking for some fun fruity and breath-freshening goodness, you've come to the right place. We have several delicious varieties of C Howard's candy, any of which are perfect for you to use at a party or event or just to have on hand for you to personally enjoy. Try the guava or lemon flavors for a delightfully intriguing pick-me-up during the day. Other varieties of C Howard's candy are excellent for keeping your breath fresh when you need to quickly get rid of that garlic aftertaste or spicy scent after lunch.

C Howard's candy also features scented gum to help you with your day. Buy a pack of 24 pieces to always have with you when you need something freshening to chew.

If you're looking for something particularly intriguing, try the violet mint variety of C Howard's candy. It's definitely a switch from the usual peppermint or spearmint.

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