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If you are like us and love candy so much that sometimes taking off candy wrappers takes too much time, look no more. With no wrappers on these sweet candies there is seemingly no limit to all the ways one can use such candy. Pounds of candy can now be in your hands with all of the flavor in every bite all for reasonable prices. Browse our enormous wholesale unwrapped candy selection of chocolates, fruit sours, and gummy treats.

Perfect for Candy Buffets, our wide assortment of Unwrapped Candy will surely be more than enough to find you what you are looking for. Pour these bulk unwrapped candy in bowls and jars for even more goodness in your next candy buffet. Wow your guests at weddings with towers of unwrapped chocolate. Treat your friends to a great variety of sweets at your next birthday party or special event with some sour belts. Our store is filled with a variety of wholesale Bulk Unwrapped Candy just for you.

Give the gift of savory chocolate treats in bulk to delight your guests. We have a great list of Unwrapped Chocolate options as well, perfect for that special occasion coming up. If the weather is on your side though and you prefer an outdoor engagement, candy buffets with Jelly Beans are just as nice. Both candy options are offered unwrapped and in bulk. Whether you are looking for sour flavors, unwrapped chocolate goodness, or gummy treats, buying in bulk is suggested with so many flavors in every bag. Look through our unwrapped candies and find just what you are looking for.

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