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Black candy and grey candy may not be common forms of confectionery, but they do exist. There's more than just licorice. What fun for a classic Halloween party or other dark candy occasion! Try our black Sixlets chocolate balls, black and white Swipple Pops and Whirly Pops and black raspberry candies by Haribo and Jelly Belly. If you're craving licorice, we have unique varieties including licorice wheels, licorice pipes and licorice swirl salt water taffy. On the adorable side of things, check out our penguin and cow candies. This black candy and grey candy is unlike any other.

Gumballs are a perennial favorite type of candy, especially with kids, but they're great for any candy lover. Our black gumballs are available in a huge 2 pound bag, perfect for candy buffets or on display in candy bowls. These striking black candies have an impressive shine.

Even the epic M&M's come in a special dark candy variety. This 5 pound bag of round black candies is great for any pick-me-up or party treat. These lovely black M&M's will enchant your guests.

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