Ferrara Candy Company Gummy Shark Jumbo

$ 14.15

Deep sea adventures await! The Jumbo Gummy Shark is a species of requiem shark that inhabits the deep waters of Marshmallow cove. It’s in this cove, our nautical friend finds its dietary preference of blue raspberry candy. You are what you eat, and what this gummy candy shark eats sure is sweet! Made from a marshmallow base, this gummy candy brings a chewy and familiar texture along with a full tangy blue raspberry flavor. Their white underside and blue body make them adorably appeasing on display. We sell this gummy candy in bulk at 5 lbs & 30 lbs. Try them out at your next nautical-themed party or your blue-is-true candy buffet!

*Store at room temperature for up to 1 year.

*Approximately 15 pieces per pound.


Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Apple Juice from Concentrate, Lactic Acid, Sodium Citrate, Coconut Oil, Artificial Flavor, Sodium Lactate, Carnauba Wax, Blue 1.

**Manufactured in a Facility where milk, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy are used in the production of other products.

***DISCLAIMER: Color may vary from photographs. Manufacturing process often differs slightly with every batch. NO REFUNDS for COLOR variants.***