Looking for a new way to surprise your family and friends?

Leave your family, friends, and other loved ones a great impression by presenting these MINI PIÑATAS to them as gifts! Our new mini piñatas are great for a variety of events: BIRTHDAYS, GRADUATIONS, and even EASTER just to name a few. They’re also great for celebrating the arrival of a NEWBORN and also make perfect GET-WELL-SOON mementos as well!.

These mini piñatas can be used for props and centerpieces at large events. They really create that WOW factor and guests will be raving about how cute and unique they are. These piñatas are widely used as decorations, the sky is the limit with the many uses they provide. Make your home fashionable to your guests by decorating it with our piñatas. They’re mini-sized, so you can easily place them anywhere without worrying about them taking up too much room!!